‘Worshipful Company of Paviors were on “target” at this year’s Inter-Livery Shooting Day’ at West London School of Shooting.

With out a rain cloud in sign a team of four enthusiastic Paviors descended upon the West London School of Shooting to partake in the annual inter-livery shooting event on Wednesday 15th May.

Armed with our trusty “scatterguns”, we prepared to test your skills against the wily flight of clay pigeons. This year’s team consisted of elder statesmen Sir Andrew McAlpine, Ian Andrews, Ian Mason, and were I feel staunchly directed by the team captain James Atkins.

The Paviors team set off with high hope of just maybe winning something (well we can hope LOL). With a collective determination in our eyes the Paviors team filled with ambition and a hint of mischief, with everyone aiming to demonstrate their expertise and love for the sport.

As the day unfolded, a symphony of laughter and camaraderie echoed across the range, especially when Ian Mason, questioned one of the stand managers as to what was or “left or right!”. The day presented some very challenging flying targets, that if you blinked and you might miss the fleeting target, not a challenge for some, buy most of the Paviors team.

By the time the final shot was fired the big question was, who was the best shot? Well done Ian Mason, but the most important part was that we all have great day.

It would be great if the Paviors could enter a couple of teams in 2025.

– James Atkins

The organisers wrote:

With the conclusion of the 2024 event we would like to thank all those Livery Companies who took part this year.

The weather for the first day was glorious – slightly less so on the second but we escaped any serious rain.

The standard of shooting was as ever fantastic at the winners end of the results page and slightly less so towards lower end ! The WLSS team created a much changed layout that was challenging in parts but nowhere so difficult as to not be enjoyable.

The 31 Lady Shots were a very welcome addition – we look forward to seeing that number increase and hopefully a full Ladies Team in 2025.

From one Gunmakers’ Livery Company Captain:

We thought that this was the best that this event has ever been and wanted to pass on our congratulations and thanks.

We thought that the organisation generally, and in particular the organisation of the West London Shooting School was absolutely fantastic.

The course flowed incredibly well, and it was rare to be waiting for more than a minute or two before taking a turn to shoot. The stands were different and exciting with multiple challenges and some very tricky birds that we found both testing and enjoyable.

The organisation of the catering from the breakfast, coffees, and halftime snacks, and especially the hospitality tent and hog roast were excellent: very slick as well as being delicious.

The timing of the event really could not have been better, with efficiency being very much the name of the game.

The Roast Hog was a great welcome back to our day and appreciated by all.

The “Flash Clay” Charity for this year was the National Gamekeepers Organisation – they work hard to protect the livelihood’s of their members, as well as working with others in the shooting industry at National and Local Government level.

We are delighted to say that next years competition will take place at the West London Shooting School on Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th May 2025 and will be back in touch with more details later in the year.