RAF Brize Norton

On Friday May 31st a group of Paviours, whom were no less than “hand-picked” for an important mission assembled at RAF Brize Norton for our briefing and flight allocation.

With some Paviors being allocated to the Atlas, the majority of us joined 10 Sqn on board an A400M Voyager Pax Tanker variant for the day’s flight from Brize Norton out towards Coningsby before heading into the training area over the North Sea.

Cruising around in a fixed loop we refuelled aircraft from 30, 41 and 27 sqns before linking up with 2 Atlas Aircraft to practice formation flying ahead of the King’s Parade on June 15th.

During our flight of around 6 hours, we enjoyed the opportunity to meet and chat with other livery individuals as the day focused on Livery Fellowship and Engagement with the Air Mobility Wing at Brize Norton together with of course our own affiliation of 29 Sqn Typhoons based at RAF Coningsby.

A fantastic day and profound thanks to 10 Squadron for ensuring we had the opportunity to witness one of the most difficult and dangerous manoeuvres a fighter pilot can make “ In Flight Refuelling”.

Our Thanks to our Clerk, Jennifer, for the arrangements which enabled the day to pass without a hitch… good military planning you might say.

/ Richard H Tucker