The Court of Aldermen approved the first Ordinances of the Worshipful Company of Paviors in 1479.
These were last updated on 18 October 2022.


The governing body of the Paviors Company is the Court of Assistants, which exercises general control, having regard to the objects of the Company and the Ordinances. The Court consists of the Master, the Upper Warden, the Renter Warden and 27 Assistants. Elevation to the Court is by election. Only candidates who have played an active part in the life of the Company will be considered. The aim is that persons of eminence, or those who have given particular service to the Company, and who have the potential to become Master, should be elected to the Court.


The Master for the year is supported by the two Wardens who, in normal circumstances, are expected to succeed to Master. Candidates for each position must be elected each year by secret ballot of the Court, each winning two-thirds of the votes cast. In addition, two Wardens-in-Nomination are elected.


The Court Committee acts as a cabinet. The Committee advises the Court and has a broad remit. It has particular duties in regard to accounts, trust funds and the Company’s programme. The Court Committee consists of the Master, Wardens, the five immediate Past Masters, the Wardens-in-Nomination, two Assistants elected annually and the Chairmen of the four committees which carry out the work of the Company: Finance, Charity, Admissions and Marketing. In addition, the Chairman of the Liverymen’s Committee is a non-voting member of the Committee.


The Finance, Charity, Admissions and Marketing Committees each has a chairperson, appointed by the Court, a deputy chairperson and, generally, two members appointed for three years and one member appointed for one year; the Master and Wardens are also members. The Editor of the Company magazine The Pavior is co-opted to the Marketing Committee.

The Liverymen’s Committee’s purpose is to give all newer members of the Livery an opportunity to take an interest in the activity of the Company, the City and its civic duties. There are 20 members, five of whom retire annually. There is no qualifying period for membership, and any liveryman can put their name forward for election. The Committee appoints its Chair, Secretary and Treasurer for three years.


Officers are appointed by the Court of Assistants.

The Clerk is the executive officer, and the Beadle is the ceremonial officer. The Almoner is key to providing care to members, their families, and deceased members’ spouses who may be experiencing difficulties in their life. The Cellarer is responsible for purchasing and managing the Company’s wines. The Archivist looks after the Company’s records and artefacts. The Stewards welcome guests at the Annual Banquet and principal functions. A Chaplain is also appointed to provide spiritual guidance to the Company and its members.