Allan G Nash was Installed as Master of Paviors’ Lodge 5646 in 1951.

The minutes of the Installation meeting record:

“1951:-H Bro. Secretary reported that W. Bros. G. E. Dutton, E. F. Iwi, ·G. Evan Cook and the W.M. had expressed their wish to present the following gifts respectively to the Lodge – a ballot box, a wooden snuff box, a second wooden snuff box, and a poniard and scabbard.

The wood for the ballot box and the snuff boxes had been obtained from an old oak beam through the services of our former tyler, W. Bro. Gordon Marsh, at the Innholders’ Hall. It is known that the oak was growing when William the Conqueror came to this country. It later (circa 1400-1433) formed part of the “Piling” of a wharf (“Hythe”) at the junction of the “Wal Brook” and the Thames, the base being eroded by tidal water. After the “Great Fire” (1666) it was used in the re-construction work of “Wren” and formed part of one of the
“Fayre” houses (see “Stowe”) that stood near “Eldebow” (Elbow) Lane”.