Arkwright Scholars

The Arkwright Scholarships Trust is an independent charity that identifies, inspires and nurtures future leaders in engineering and technical design. The Trust achieves its aim by awarding engineering scholarships, through rigorous selection, to high-calibre students in Year 11 from all educational backgrounds to support them through their ‘A’ level studies.

Scholars are selected for their potential by assessing their academic, practical and leadership skills in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The process comprises an application form plus a teacher’s supporting reference, which are assessed. This is followed by a two-hour aptitude examination and a university-based interview.

The Arkwright Trust awards in excess of 400 scholarships each year from more than 1000 applicants and these figures are growing year-on-year. The financial award to each scholar is distributed to the student, who are allowed to spend the grant only on items and activities connected to their studies as validated by the Trust. Funds are also provided to their school to provide reports and for facilities and equipment for the physics department, and to the Trust itself for mentoring, school visits, fundraisings and for organizing the awards ceremony.

The Paviors Company currently sponsor two students each for their two-year scholarship through to completion of their ‘A’ levels examinations. The Master of Paviors attends the London Awards Ceremony on behalf of the Livery to present the scholars with their Arkwright certificates. A mentor is appointed from the membership of the Livery to support each student. Information, advice and guidance is provided about an engineering career, selection of and applications to suitable universities, and with the preparation of a CV. Work placements and site visits are organized. The Livery invites the scholars, as guests, to attend the Paviors’ Lecture and Dinner at Imperial College in February. Each student is invited to a Livery Dinner to mark the successful completion of the two-year scholarship, and this provides an opportunity for the Master to present them with a Paviors’ certificate.