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  • Blog of 31 August 2019

    Common Hall, or indeed almost anything at the Guildhall, has to be a highlight of the year when you are Master. From gathering in the basement to don your gown and chain of office, and being

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  • Blog of 15 July 2019

    I continue my round of beautiful, but smaller livery halls, which is a particular treat as we are limited to a few larger halls for most of our dinners. I had my first taste of finding that I had to

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  • Blog of 29 May 2019

    Another eventful month, started in great style, when I attended the annual Kohima Dinner, courtesy of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment’s Commanding Officer, Lt-Col Brennan Dwyer. Arriving at

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  • Blog of 6 April 2019

    It’s exactly a month today since the Installation ceremony, and the time has flown by, as every Master will tell you. However, the highlight of this month has to be presenting the certificates at

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