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  • Blog of 10 July 2020

    ​I chaired my first Court meeting last night - possibly quite often a scary moment for an incoming Master. There were 33 in attendance on Zoom! Whether or not my chairing was satisfactory, I learnt

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  • Blog of 5 June 2020

    An urban myth has it that the Chinese Premier, Chou En-Lai, when asked in the early 1970s about the historical effect of the great French Revolution, replied that it was ‘too early to say’. There

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  • Blog of 20 March 2020

    In view of very real problems being experienced on the ground elsewhere, and the many letters and emails we are now receiving about Covid-19, the Paviors Company may not be uppermost in your mind, but

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  • Blog of 30 September 2019

    ​This summer has been a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our military affiliates. This started with 29 Squadron, when I visited Coningsby with my consort Maurice, and fellow Pavior Rob

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