12 June 2015

While I wrote the first few of these and posted them on LinkedIn, I’ve had enough of you saying they liked seeing them on email, that I’m going to risk sending this again, to all of you. If you aren’t interested, please feel free to delete the email as soon as you recognise its content – I won’t be offended! So here goes again!

After a quiet couple of weeks the Mistress and I spent last weekend in Shropshire with over 100 of other Company Masters, Prime Wardens Upper Bailiff and their consorts! The event is commonly called the Ironbridge Weekend as it revolves around the Ironbridge Foundation and their museums which depict the start and nature of the Industrial Revolution. An interesting fact I hadn’t realised is that the revolution started in Ironbridge as a consequence of a glacier in the last Ice Age about 15,000 years ago, forming the gorge in which the River Severn now runs, and cutting through lots of mineral and coal deposits which then were easily accessed by miners for the power and goods being made.

We stayed in a perfectly adequate Holiday Inn in Telford, but we’re bussed into Ironbridge for evening meals in museum areas on both Friday and Saturday (resplendent in black tie and Company medals and brooches) The seating plans were determined by lucky dip, and that is a great way to get to newly meet largely like minded people from all sorts of backgrounds! We were also bussed in for museum tours and an inspection and walk over the famous first ever Iron Bridge during the day on Saturday.

After breakfast on Sunday, the Masters and The Consorts met separately to elect a Chairman and Secretary, and names for what will be the 2015 Past Masters Association. I’m told the regularity of meetings for previous years Associations differ, but some are still flourishing many years later! I certainly look forward to the odd lunches at least, in the company of many people I would likely never see again otherwise in future years!

Incidentally the names picked for the 2 groups were “Magna Masters” and “Carta Consorts” all very appropriate in the 800th year since Magna Carta was signed! That takes me on to how much I’m looking forward to being in Runnymede field next Monday to celebrate the 800th anniversary with our Queen and Prince Phillip plus, it is rumoured, President Obama. What a great year to be a Master and get invitations such as these. I will report on that event later, and Agincourt (1615) and Waterloo (1815) celebrations also to come!

I close by advertising again, the Summer Event based around Brewers Hall and a walking tour from there on 1st July, (coming as pairs will be wonderful, and some space for guests also available) and the Court Dinner on the 9th July at Cutlers Hall (to which Court Members and Committee Attendees plus new entrant Liverymen are invited, with as many guests as they can muster – again there are spaces available)

Best regards