17 June 2015

Greetings everyone again. Since my last blog and our return from the Ironbridge weekend, there have been several Pavior connected events in my diary that I hope you will enjoy reading about!

On the evening of Tuesday 9th our Clerk and I attended, with Masters and Clerks of many other Companies, the Plumbers 650th Anniversary Evensong at Temple Church. The thing I noticed most was the gusto with which the whole congregation sung all 3 hymns. I guess you don’t get to be a Master if you are the shy and retiring type so, with the encouragement of the superb Temple Choir, we lifted the roof! An excellent evening even though the weather was very cold for the garden reception afterwards!

On Thursday 11th, John and I were guests of the Tylers and Bricklayers at a lunch in Cutlers’ Hall. Another very pleasant occasion, in the company of about 65 attendees including 4 other Masters of Construction related Liveries (Plaisterers, Constructors, Builders Merchants, and Painter Stainers), with a hearty welcome and some witty anecdotes given by the host Master, ex Diplomat, Roger Westbrook.

On Friday 12th, I was delighted to present certificates to all of the most recent graduates of the Paviors sponsored 2 week Bronze pass Scheme organized by our London Highways Academy of Excellence. The gratitude and enthusiasm displayed by all the recipients is heart-warming. While we need to gather some more facts to show how worthwhile our sponsorship of the LHAE has been, I feel sure we will be able to develop it into something that will attract a lot of other interest and support.

On the afternoon of Monday 15th, I was as pleased to present certificates and scrolls to the recent cohort of students that have been through the Budding Brunels programme run by the Construction Youth Trust, again generously sponsored by the Paviors! This scheme is doing marvellous work in convincing school students to take up careers in the construction industry, often against their previous perceptions that careers in other industries would be easier and more rewarding. We still have plenty to do to help convince parents and teachers that our industry is full of great opportunities, but we can, and I look forward to further helping our sponsorship money count even more!

Earlier on Monday 15th, I parked at Thorpe Park before 7am, to be bussed in to Runnymede Meadow for the celebration of 800 years to the day since the Magna Carta was sealed by King John in the face of Barons’ pressure. What a tremendous morning in the company of again, many of the 2015 Masters from other Companies, that I’m really starting to get to know since Ironbridge. We were all sat together in a section of seats, not too far from the front of the stage which, as well as the full London Symphony Orchestra and the Temple Church Choir (nice to hear them again), had at one time, the Queen, Prince Phillip, Princess Anne and Prince William as well as David Cameron and the USA’s Attorney General also seated to either speak or unveil commemorative plaques. The weather turned out nice and everyone had a smile on their face. No one does these things like the Brits do and I hope you like the photos below (and also attached) that I took on the day.

With my very best wishes to you all again

PS – I’ve had a number of Paviors’ Partners who have seen theses blogs, comment on them, and some others who would like to see them! If you think your partner is interested please forward or show, and let them know that if they send me or John their email address we can get a group together that will help them get future blogs direct!