19 May 2015

You may know that as Master I have been writing mini-blogs on the Paviors’ LinkedIn Group Site to help meet my objective and theme of enhanced Communication. I have been having some technical difficulties posting them on LinkedIn, and while I get sorted I have pleasure in again sharing my latest with you.

Back from Rome and a busy week!
Despite a very disconcerting start, when Rome airport went on fire, and all flights to Rome were cancelled for the day we were supposed to depart, we got to Rome a day late and had a super first day out in Windsor instead! The way the ‘Jolliers’ rallied and made me feel better was a huge credit to all that we have built in the Paviors and although I didn’t sleep a wink that night wondering whether we would ever get to Rome, we did a day late and then managed to recapture most of the programme I and the Mistress had so carefully put together! All in all, the 2015 Masters Jolly went well despite the hiccups and we all arrived safely and satisfied back at Heathrow on Sunday night!

On Monday night I had the pleasure of attending the Plumbers 650th Anniversary Banquet at the Mansion House. It was an all white tie event, and I enjoyed excellent hosts and dining companions. I always pick up some ideas for our own events from such occasions.

Tuesday afternoon, with the Mistress and Freeman daughter Felicity, we went to a Buckingham Palace garden Party. While I enjoyed seeing the gardens and behind the Palace, I didn’t much enjoy the gawping and queuing! For me the best part was the wonderful lunch we had at the Goring Hotel, and the gin and tonic back there before going home!

Wednesday was filled up by a well chaired Paviors’ Marketing Committee (the Pavior magazine and new website are on their way!), and we interviewed 5 new candidates at an Admissions Committee in the afternoon. At 6pm I attended a Chartered Accountants Company Lecture, given by the political editor of the Evening Standard, with his insights on what might now happen with the Tory majority next Parliament – fascinating conjectures!

On Thursday, the Clerk and I were ushered into St James Palace, for a City and Guilds driven awards occasion hosted by Princess Anne. I was delighted to be on stage when the Princess award the Paviors’ Certificate to a deserving young man from SW Highways for doing so well in his work and exams. After that grand afternoon I attended a Distillers Company Debate on Innovations in the Whisky Business! Needless to say this included for tastings before supper, so I was pleased to travel by taxi, train and taxi home later! Hope you enjoy these mini blogs?

More soon!
Best wishes.
Terry Last