30 June 2015

It has been a fun 2 weeks since I last “blogged” and I hope you will enjoy me informing you some more about the things I have been doing as your Master!

On Wednesday 22nd June I travelled to Leeds and attended the Institute of Asphalt Technology’s Annual Presidents Dinner. I was delighted to meet up with many old friends from the asphalt paving industry, and to be sat with President Arthur Hannah, who I’m delighted was welcomed into our Company as a Pavior at the Autumn Dinner in Clothworkers’ Hall. On behalf of the Paviors I was very proud to hand over certificates and very much appreciated cheques to some prize winners after dinner.

On Friday 19th June, along with 20 Masters of other Companies, I was arrested by the Sheriffs at the Mansion House and jailed in the Tower until I was able to raise £1,000 for the British Red Cross as bail. My crimes (thanks to the sneaky Clerk Freestone) was to have spent a career building runways but not being to get a plane off one to Rome for a whole day in May, and for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at the age of 60, because no one likes a Show Off!. All the Masters were similarly accused to much hilarity, and after each of us being attached to a ball and chain we were led off on a very old bus to the Tower! One of the photos attached is one taken of most of the Masters jailed after release, with the British Red Cross £33,000 better off! Thanks to my prime bailers PWC and Linklaters. Oh and don’t worry, the jail was the Yeomans’ Mess, bread was steak casserole and salad and the water had a Pol Roger label on it! It’s why we are looking so happy!

On Wednesday 24th June, I was dressed in full gown and gold chain and badge for the Election of the Sheriffs ceremony in Guildhall. Most other Masters were there and we processed in order of precedence to our seats below the stage (the Paviors are number 56 out of 110, but as there soon will be 2 more new liveries we will be top half by next year!) I actually sat about number 20 as there was a spare seat nearer the front I was invited to, and I never miss the chance to look more senior than we are – we are better than most anyway! It’s a wonderful, very British, ceremony that all Liverymen can apply to attend and I recommend it!

After the Election, I was delighted to be invited and to attend a Paviors’ Past Masters lunch in the room above Temple Bar, which now resides near Paternoster Square (we will see it on the Summer Event tour this week) I very much enjoyed the company and the food and wine, before retreating back to the Guildhall Yard for a Raising the Flag ceremony on Armed Forces Day. The second photo attached shows the Lord Mayor flanked by others, including his Sheriffs, making a tributary speech before inspecting the ranks of serving servicemen and veterans. We owe a lot and will depend a lot on our armed Forces and again, I feel privileged to have joined in.

Until the next time, my very best regards