The following message has been received from Graham Watts, Chief Executive of the Construction Leadership Council​.

At the Council meeting yesterday, we spoke about the project for the construction industry to help the NHS with urgently needed PPE. The Construction Leadership Council is in touch with NHS London Hospitals Trust . The Trust has asked what might be available across the spectrum of equipment required.

A summary of the equipment required is as follows:

o FFP3 Respirator Masks
o Full Face Visors (disposable)
o Full Face Visors (reusable)
o Safety Goggles/Glasses
o Hand Sanitiser
o Full Body (Hazardous Material) Suits
o Logistics/Transport support

It would be much appreciated if all recipients of this email could cascade the request throughout their networks and see what might be available.

Please ask people to respond direct to me in the first instance – – I will pass on to the central contact for compilation.

We believe that this is an important initiative and we encourage anyone who is able to do so to help.

With best wishes, as ever
Graham Watts OBE, Chief Executive​