Application Procedure


The Company welcomes candidates for membership who are interested in furthering the objectives of the Company and able to support its activities with both time and money. The membership of the Company comprises apprentices, freemen and liverymen. Apprentices are individuals between the ages of 14 and 21, and must start when the applicant is no older than 17. Freemen and liverymen must be over 18 years of age. Freemen may participate in the activities of the Company, except for attending the Annual Banquet and the two main Livery dinners (other than as a guest).

The Application Process

An applicant to be a liveryman, if accepted, must first become a freeman; a successful applicant can subsequently apply for the Livery. Applicants for apprentice, or their sponsor, should contact the Clerk for details of the application procedure. The application process for freemen and liverymen consists of the following steps:

1. All candidates must be sponsored by a liveryman of at least one year’s standing and must have attended at least one event organized by the Company: candidates for liveryman must have attended a formal Livery dinner.
2. The candidate’s sponsor should write to the Clerk, stating the suitability of the candidate to be considered for election to the Freedom and Livery of the Company, with a short CV. When this preliminary application has been considered by the Admissions Committee and approved, the Clerk will be authorized to issue a formal form of application, and the applicant, together with the sponsor, will be invited to a meeting of the Admissions Committee for interview.
3a) Candidates for Freeman
Following this meeting, a recommendation will be made to the Court and, if successful, the applicant for freeman will be invited to attend a Court meeting to be invested in the Freedom of the Company by the Master.
3b) Candidates for the Livery
Following the Admissions Committee interview, candidates attend by arrangement to receive the Company Freedom from the Clerk, and then must attend at the Guildhall to make an application for the Freedom of the City of London. When this application has been approved by the Court of Aldermen, a further attendance at the Guildhall is required to receive formally the Freedom of the City. When the Freedom of the City has been conferred, the applicant will be elected to the Livery when a suitable vacancy occurs, and invited to attend a meeting of the Court for formal investiture.


The ‘fine’ on entry is more for a liveryman than a freeman: generally both pay the same annual subscription and contribution to the charity fund.


Further information can be obtained from the Paviors’ Clerk
(contact details at foot of the page).

Further Reading

More information about livery companies is available on the City of London website.

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