From Liveryman to Master

Liverymen’s Committee

The first step to progressing through the Company is to be elected to the Liverymen’s Committee. Membership provides an opportunity to become more involved in the Company’s activities.


Assistants are elected by the Court. Those filling vacancies need to have been a member of the Company for at least three years. All candidates must be a fit and proper person to serve, have given good service to the Company and been active in support of its functions. It is desirable that they are below the age of 60 and have served on the Liverymen’s Committee. In addition, the candidate should have the potential to become Master. Desirable qualifications that will be taken into account include Committee experience in the Company and eminence in the City, industry or profession. Candidates for election to the Court will be considered as ‘active’ if they have attended at least one of the four main functions in each of the last three years, are active in an associated society and have sponsored new members.

Terms of Appointment

Assistants are elected to the Court for five years, renewable at the option of the Assistant for a further term of five years. At the end of 10 years, if not on the ladder to Master, the Assistant resigns and transfers to the Court Emeritus.

Progress to Master

There is a four-year ladder to Master, progress being by annual election by the Court for:

  • Second Warden-in-Nomination
  • First Warden-in-Nomination
  • Renter Warden
  • Upper Warden
  • Master

The new Second Warden-in-Nomination is elected annually by the Court in a postal ballot in November. The candidate is recommended by the Court’s Nomination Panel. The Panel may select any Assistant, regardless of seniority on the Court.

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