The Present Company


Although it has roots in mediaeval London, the Worshipful Company of Paviors is a thoroughly modern livery. The Paviors Company, as part of the wider livery movement, wishes to attract liverymen who have reached the higher levels in the professions and industry, but also men and women who are starting out on their chosen career paths. The Company offers membership as a ‘freeman’ to younger candidates of outstanding ability who may eventually enter the Livery. It also welcomes applications for apprenticeships and admission to the Livery through patrimony.

City Activities

Members are encouraged to be active in their support of City of London activities, including support for the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs, recognizing the important commercial and ceremonial role of the City within the United Kingdom.

Charities and Education

The Paviors Company is strongly driven by charitable objectives. It maintains and develops charitable funds used for both educational and social purposes. It also supports City charities and those associated with the industry.

Promotion of Excellence

A major aim of the Company is to retain close links with the paving industry. Since 1995, the Company has made awards for paving excellence and to individuals for lifetime contributions to the industry.


The Company has links with the frigate HMS Argyll, the Third Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment and 29(R) Squadron of the RAF. In 1995, the Company established The Museum of Roads and Roadmaking at the Amberley Industrial Museum. This is designed to raise awareness of the history and technology of highways, particularly amongst young people.

Social Activities

The Company offers a wide programme of social events, and many of these encourage participation by liverymen’s partners and families. The programme includes dinners, meetings and visits, and the opportunity to participate in events like the Lord Mayor’s Show or helping to develop the Amberley Museum. A major annual social event is a banquet held at the Mansion House. Liverymen can participate in specialized activities, such as the Liverymen’s Committee, Luncheon Club and Golfing Society, all of which provide the opportunity for members to socialize with each other.

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