Two teams of Paviors participated in the Go-Kart Grand Prix organized by the Glovers Company and held at the Daytona Motosport track in Sandown Park on Sunday 19 June. The event raised money for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.​

Sixteen teams, a dry track and a sunny day conducive to fast lap times greeted the BAM and Laing teams competing on behalf of the Paviors. The BAM team comprised Alasdair Henderson and Peter Bishop, augmented by the Paviors’ Clerk, John Freestone, whilst the Laing team consisted of Charlie Laing, his daughter Rebecca, Ben Laing and a guest, Louis Sansome, who works with Charlie.

A safety briefing video was presented on screen by Martin Brundle, and this also gave tips on how to drive: ‘hands at a quarter-to-three, brake before a corner (if you want to brake at all), and then foot flat on the floor the rest of the time’ seemed to be the order of the day! All team members had an opportunity to practise prior to the start. The event itself would be a two hour endurance race, with the winners being the team that had completed the most laps within the allotted time. A minimum of three driver changes and a refuelling stop for each kart was also built in. However, it was a little disconcerting to see that some teams had drivers in their own overalls and helmets!

Both Pavior teams fared well in the qualifying, with Alasdair finishing sixth on the grid and Louis of the Laing team achieving eighth. Each of the teams developed their strategy for the actual race, but it became clear that there were much more experienced drivers on the track. That said, Alasdair’s quickest lap was in the top ten of fastest laps on the day. Other factors are also involved when it comes to speed: the lighter you are, the quicker the kart goes, especially in a straight line. Everybody had terrific fun and the time flew by. At the end of two hours, the Laing team had finished a very creditable sixth, whilst the BAM team finished thirteenth of the sixteen teams. ​