Other Educational Initiatives

The Company also supports a number of other educational initiatives and some of these are described below.

The annual Paviors’ Lecture, sponsored by the Company, is held at Imperial College. This lecture was instituted initially at City University in 1975 and was transferred to Imperial College in 2000. It is delivered by a prominent civil engineer or industry leader and, generally, covers a major transport infrastructure topic. The content is designed to be of interest to students as well as to members of the Livery and their guests. The Lecture is followed by a reception and supper in the Rector’s House.

Scholarships, bursaries and prizes are awarded by the Paviors, and include the following.

Institute of Asphalt Technology Prizes are awarded to a small group of the best performing students on the Distance Assisted Private Study (DAPS) Course approved by the IAT and the Institute of Quarry Management. This course supports the road surfacing and quarrying industries. The course leads to a the award of a diploma and is currently run by the University of Derby.

Prizes are awarded annually to postgraduate students for research projects related to highways and pavement technology at both the University of Birmingham and University of Nottingham. Certificates are also presented by the Master to the successful students at an awards ceremony.

The City & Guilds of London Institute Medals for Excellence in highways maintenance are awarded by the Company to recognize the achievement of exceptional work by individual staff going above and beyond what is expected to be achieved with their training and development goals. It acknowledges not only excellent results, but also true progression throughout their qualifications.

The Imperial College Laing Travel Award is made annually on a basis of competitive bids submitted by postgraduate research students in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the College. The award is used to contribute to travels costs for an overseas trip that is judged to be of direct benefit to the candidate’s work.

The Coram Life Education (CLE) programme introduces health, well-being, relationship, and drug and alcohol education into primary schools in the boroughs adjacent to the City of London. Using mobile classrooms, specially trained educators deliver information, guidance and advice about diet, exercise and how to manage risks as the children grow up. CLE also involves parents, carers, teachers and local communities

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