​The Paviors’ Liverymen’s Committee organized a charity race night via Zoom on Thursday 26 November. Over 40 people signed-up for this event, which was stewarded by the Learned Clerk, John Freestone, accompanied by Jacqui Davies from the Liverymen’s Committee, who kept the book.​

Participants enjoyed a full race-card of eight races, four of which were horse-races. But, in keeping with the Paviors’ traditions, there were also four pig-races. All the races had eight runners, and participants could choose two of these to back. Everyone then settled down to watch a video of the race amid much cheering and encouragement for their selections. Four points were awarded for first place, two points for second and one point for third. The totals were eagerly scrutinized after each race and, at the end of the evening, everyone’s scores were added up to determine the most successful punters.

The results were eagerly awaited and, perhaps inevitably, the ladies present cleaned up all the prizes.

First was Caroline Griffiths, with 29 points, who won two tickets for the Paviors’ 2021 banquet at the Mansion House
Second was Liz King, with 27 points, who won two bottles of wine from the Paviors’ cellar
A four-way race-off was necessary to determine third place, which was eventually won by Linda Parsley, with 24 points, who won a bottle of champagne

Everyone had a most enjoyable evening, and the donations made to participate raised over £1,000 for the Paviors’ Charity Fund. Many thanks to John and Jacqui for organizing the event.