The Master of the Paviors Company, Dyfrig James, was recently honoured to be invited by the Paviors’ Army affiliate, the Third Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (3PWRR), to join them on an exercise. This involved manoeuvres, known as ‘Northern Strike’, and took place at Fort Grayling, Michigan, in the USA. ​

Fort Grayling covers thousands of acres, and contains a wide range of facilities and equipment. Whole villages had been built so that troops can train in built-up area warfare. Large-scale live ammunition and 360-degree shooting are permitted, so the visit provided for some unique experiences. These included: being inside a house with American marines, when the British troops conducted a surprise attack; rides in Black Hawk helicopters; and training in pistol-shooting. A unique building was a ‘Shoot House’, built at a cost of $15 million, which allowed room-to-room combat exercises to be carried out using live ammunition.

The visit proved to be the experience of a lifetime for the Master of Paviors, with the best part being the chance to talk to the troops from 3PWRR, who showed real commitment, enthusiasm and pride. Massive time-commitment is needed to be an Army Reservist in battalions such as 3PWRR. and many of the soldiers use their work holiday to be away from their families to attend such training. The Paviors Company salutes the members of 3PWRR and is proud to be affiliated with the Battalion.

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