The Paviors’ Luncheon Club held its second quiz on Wednesday 6 May. This was again hosted over the internet using the Zoom software because of the on-going Covid-19 lockdown. ​

On this occasion, there were 23 participants and the quiz was hosted by the Luncheon Club’s Chairman, Tom Barton, resplendent in collar and tie. There were four rounds of questions. The first was set by the Clerk, John Freestone, and all questions related to the letter ‘R’. Most participants managed to do well in this round, which set the evening off to a positive start – but it did get more difficult from then on. The second round was about music and had the additional challenge of Zoom’s filters breaking up the transmission of some of the continuous music sound. Nevertheless, a few participants still managed very well – perhaps the sign of a mis-spent youth?

The third round was set by the Master, Hugh MacDougald. These were general knowledge questions and each was in two parts – except that some of the two parts actually contained three or more questions, which challenged at least some of the participants. The final round was again set by the Clerk and was on ‘food and drink’ – a subject close to the heart of many Paviors.

The event was a success and at least gave participants the chance to have sight of friends and colleagues from the Company, and to have at least some level of interaction. The evening’s winner was the same as last time, Charles Mills – despite being given a five-point penalty by the quizmaster. Thanks are due to Chairman Tom Barton and Clerk John Freestone for hosting the event, and to the Master Hugh MacDougald for setting some of the questions. ​