Pier Square, Weston-super-Mare

The 2011 Award has been given for the reconstruction of Pier Square, Weston-super-Mare.

Pier Square is the very centre of Weston-super-Mare’s sea front, immediately behind the recently renovated pier. The layout of the new square has reduced the number of vehicles passing through the area by the reduction of road space. This has made more space available for pedestrians and created a good outdoor leisure area for residents and visitors.
The Master, Mike Cottell and Paul Higerty, travelled to Weston-super-Mare on 18 July to make the Award. Certificates and a plaque were presented to Councillor Colin Hall, Chairman of North Somerset Council, representing the client, to Eamonn McGrath of McGrath Construction, the paving contractor, and to Rob Thomson, representing Alex Freer, the project manager.