Spring Livery Dinner

The Butchers Hall welcomed us for our Spring Dinner.  Our Guest speaker Darren James CEO of Keltbray gave a very thoughtful speech on the importance of leadership, including the call for sustainability in the industry.

As we look forward to celebrating 10 years of our charity, the London Construction Academy, I wanted to take on two indentured apprentices under me as master. These were to be students who had taken the course and found employment in the sector.  This is a two-year pilot scheme to provide a path within the Paviors for our thriving students.

It was my great pleasure to welcome Maggie Taylor and Jason Wardas my indentured apprentices to their first every livery dinner.

We were delighted to install two new Liverymen Victoria Hills and Alison Stephenson.

In this forward-thinking company there are no barriers to membership and this is something that we are all justly proud of.

/ Melanie Hampton, Master