The Old Bailey, City of London

The 2006 Paviors’ Award was made to the Old Bailey in the City of London.

There are six categories of schemes that can be considered for the Paviors’ Award and about 80 schemes were considered for the Award for 2005/6. The judging panel is interested in projects which demonstrate imaginative design, possibly with sculptured or water features, and which use attractive and high quality materials. In making the award to The Old Bailey in the City of London, the judges were very impressed by the approach adopted by the City of London Planning Department and their consultant designers, Burns and Nice Ltd, and also the high quality of the construction carried out by FM Conway Ltd.

The Master, David Laing, accompanied by the award judge, Mike Cottell, presented a certificate and street ‘button’ to Deputy Owen-Ward, Chairman of the City Planning and Transport Committee, on the site on 25 July 2006. Further certificates were presented to the client, designer and contractor at the Paviors’ Annual Banquet in the Mansion House on 28 September.